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The International Dyslexia Association—New York (IDA-NY) is a non-profit organization that provides information, referrals, training and support to professionals and families regarding the impact and treatment of people with dyslexia. Each year, we answer the calls of thousands of parents, adults and professionals who are seeking advice on what to do and where to turn for help in their efforts to cope with dyslexia. As the largest branch in New York State focusing solely on dyslexia, we are a key link in connecting families and professionals to information and services. We accomplish this through:

  • Training and workshops for professionals
  • Referral services that reach 2,500 people a year
  • Peer support groups for adults, parents & teens
  • Quarterly Newsletters
  • Conferences for teachers, parents, adults & children
  • Member support services

Please join the International Dyslexia Association—New York, Inc. Your membership, along with our 1,200 statewide members, is essential to the success of our programs. Our membership is made up of educators, medical providers, parents and individuals with dyslexia. By becoming a member, you can help to make a difference in our efforts to educate parents, professionals, and the general public about how best to cope with the impact of dyslexia.

International Dyslexia Association—New York, Inc.
71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1527
New York, NY 10010
Telephone (212) 691-1930
Fax: (212) 633-1620

For more information : International Dyslexia Association

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