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Event : CTA106

Session : CTA1101
1.01 A Two Part Session: 1) Sex Abuse Scandal Not Going Away 2) Using the Media to Spread Your Message
Barbara Blaine & David Clohessy
Conference : Pre-Conference Seminars - 2011 National Conference: Living the Gospel of Love
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  • Part 1: The Church’s sex abuse crisis is marking a decade since its eruption in Boston and is spreading across the globe. Shocking disclosures have recently surfaced in Philadelphia. While the hierarchy claims the problems are essentially “history,” the truth is that the crimes and cover-ups continue today. This presentation summarizes the evidence and outlines ways everyone can help redeem our church and protect children in the future.
  • Part 2: Some groups and individuals are often-quoted “media darlings.” Others struggle for even the slightest visibility. How can you and your folks be more successful in the media? In this ‘hands-on’ workshop, learn a wide range of relatively simple but proven tactics (some surprisingly quick and easy) to help get your viewpoint across effectively and build your organization in the process.
  • In 1988, Barbara Blaine founded SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the nation’s oldest and largest self-help organization for victims of clergy sexual abuse. David Clohessy joined in 1989 and the two have not looked back. SNAP’s first support meetings were held in at a Catholic Worker house where Blaine worked in Chicago. Through word of mouth, small ads and hundreds of press events SNAP grew into an international outreach, educational and advocacy organization. Today, SNAP has more than 10,000 members and 65 chapters in the United States, Canada, Mexico and across Europe. Blaine and Clohessy are both survivors of abuse by a priest they suffered as young teens. Blaine went on to become a social worker and an attorney who advocated for children’s rights. Clohessy was a community organizer, political strategist and communications director for a school district outside St. Louis. Both now work full-time for SNAP.

Session : CTA1102
1.03 Living the Gospel in a Land of Borders and Fear: Finding Our Way to Just Immigration Reform
Ann Cass, Martha Sanchez, Fred Dabrowski, José Herrera, Jorge Mújica
Conference : Pre-Conference Seminars - 2011 National Conference: Living the Gospel of Love
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  • Join us for a day of reflection, scripture, updates on policy & legislation and gathering tools to take ACTION. In the morning, panelists Fred Dabrowski, Marta Sanchez and Ann Cass will offer a contemporary adaptation of the story of the Good Samaritan, exploring how people living on the Southern Border face the challenges of immigration, racism and violence and telling their stories of faith and hope. In the afternoon, Jorge Mújica and José Herrera will offer an update on current immigration policy, pending legislation and what the Immigration Reform Movement is seeking. They will also share stories and experiences as community organizers and lead participants in planning action steps that can be take back to each person's own community.
  • Ann Williams Cass, Executive Director of Proyecto Azteca, a self-help housing program, member of CTA-RGV chapter, activist in the Rio Grande Valley for over 30 years.
  • Martha Sanchez – coordinator for La Unión Del Pueblo Entero (LUPE), member of the CTA Anti-Racism Team, member of CTA-RGV chapter and other peace and justice organizations in the Rio Grande Valley.
  • Fred Dabrowski is a member of the CTA Anti-Racism Team, co-chapter leader of CTA-RGV chapter and active in other peace and justice organizations in the Rio Grande Valley and West Michigan.
  • José Herrera, is 27 years of age and a single parent of his son, Josue Herrera, an American citizen who is ten years old. Unlike his son, José was born in México and came to the United States when he was eight years old. He came to this country because his parents, who were already here, wanted a better education and future for him, something that is very difficult to accomplish in his home country. José grew up in Chicago and considered it his home—until an unfortunate event in his life occurred in 2008 and José suddenly faced the prospect of being separated from everything he knew.
  • Born and raised in Mexico, Jorge Mújica has lived in the United States since 1987. An awarded journalist, he currently publishes an opinion column printed in over 30 newspapers in Mexico and the United States. Since 2006, Mújica has been the most visible face in the movement to achieve comprehensive immigration reform and legalization for some 12 million undocumented immigrants in the country.


Showing sessions 1 - 2 of (2) TOTAL sessions
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