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2013 The Conference for Community College Advancement
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Event : CASE11

Session : CASE1316
Opening Keynote Session - What Are Your Possibilities? Understanding Your Leadership Characteristics and Charting Your Path to Success
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speaker: Julie Staggs, Managing Principal, Global Education Practice, Leadership and Talent Consulting, Korn/Ferry International
  • Today's work environment seems ever changing. We are required to sense, understand and meet challenges successfully on a daily basis. By understanding your personal leadership characteristics, you can better navigate daily challenges with great results. Discuss leadership characteristics, learn how to understand your own strengths and blind spots, and review development options to grow your leadership possibilities. Make sure to take the ProSpective assessment to have your own individual report for reference during the session. Conference attendees will receive a unique URL to take the assessment after completing their registration.

Session : CASE1317
Working With Your Foundation's Board of Directors: An Essential Partnership for Success
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speaker: Murray Wood, Chief Development Officer, College of the Canyons Foundation
  • Review and gain an understanding of the key elements of board development including the board building cycle; how to find and recruit directors; ten basic roles and responsibilities of a board of directors; board member responsibilities; your board's profile; and meeting planning, agenda development and use of a consent agenda.

Session : CASE1318
Back to Basics: How to Create a Successful Strategic Plan
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speakers: David Kantor, President, Kantor Consulting Group; and Jennifer Spielvogel, Vice President, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Back to Basics: How to Create a Successful Strategic Plan Is it time to "redo" your organization's strategic plan? Are you responsible for overseeing the development of your organization's plan? Do you know where to start and what factors should be considered in designing an effective process? This strategic planning session will explore the most significant elements of a successful strategic planning effort, including process and content.

Session : CASE1319
Crowdfunding: Connecting Students and Alumni to Win Gifts
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
File will be available shortly. Please check back soon.

Session : CASE1320
Engaging Alumni in Governmental Affairs and Advocacy
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speaker: Melissa Starace, Director of Alumni Affairs, Northampton Community College
  • Connecting alumni relations activities with campus priorities extends beyond volunteerism and fundraising. Learn how one community college alumni office partnered with the campus' governmental affairs director to engage alumni and students as local, state and national ambassadors on behalf of the institution. Discussion topics include the planning and execution of local, state and federal advocacy trips; referendum support; public official in-residence day; and public official forums on campus.

Session : CASE1321
Looking Backward to Jump Forward: Using Your Anniversary to Reaffirm Your Relevance
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speakers: Russell Banks, Communications Director; and Jennifer Boehmer, Marketing Manager, Portland Community College
  • Portland Community College (PCC) launched its 50th anniversary celebration in September 2011, and didn't come up for air until the following June. In a massive campaign-encompassing more than a dozen events, extensive communication through advertising and earned media, widespread grassroots engagement, connecting with community and political leaders, storytelling, original artwork and even a museum exhibit-the anniversary put a spotlight on PCC as the place that provides OPPORTUNITY to Oregonians.

Session : CASE1322
Scholarships: Are You Compliant with Federal and State Statues?
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speaker: Frances Rogers, Attorney, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore
  • Federal and state law, statutes and ed code clearly spell out how scholarships may or may not be awarded, based on protected classes. Do you know these federal/state statues? Are you vulnerable to being sued for discrimination in how you advertise, solicit and choose your scholarship recipients? This session will present a detailed overview of the federal regulations, and provide guidance for finding and interpreting differences in state-to-state legal issues.

Session : CASE1323
Starting an Alumni Association: From Data to Action
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speakers: Lauren Stroman Hirshberg, Coordinator, Alumni Relations; and Sophia James, Director of Advancement Services, Houston Community College Foundation
  • Developing a strong alumni association is becoming a critical part of a community college's future. Now is the time to design the most effective plan for developing your alumni association. Presenters will review the process for designing an effective plan, starting at the beginning-how to obtain the data you need-and finishing with the how to's for reaching out to alumni with a successful communication plan. Learn how to establish measurement and evaluation systems for determining the success of your program.

Session : CASE1324
Too Small to Benefit from Big Data? That's Good...Go Small
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speakers: Courtney Clarke, Director of Strategic Planning and Market Research, Cuyahoga Community College; and John Lane, Executive Vice President, GBS Corporation
  • "Big Data" does not mean you have to be big or go big. Learn how other community colleges are utilizing data to support the growing success of their alumni association, foundation and marketing efforts. Find out how simple it is to conduct research or purchase highly targeted lists and how uncomplicated it is to gather and understand the demographic and psychographic information of your alumni and donors. Get big results by keeping it simple and small.

Session : CASE1325
Staying Connected During a Natural Disaster: Strategies Implemented and Lessons Learned During Hurricane Sandy
Conference : The Conference for Community College Advancement
Speaker(s) :
  • Speakers: Christine Busacca, Social Media and Advertising Administrator; Avis McMillon, Director, Communications and Public Relations, Brookdale Community College; and Tim Zeiss, Executive Director, Foundation and Alumni Affairs at Brookdale Community College
  • Although college administrators always need to prepare for the unexpected, no institution can accurately predict how the campus community will be affected by natural disasters. Hurricane Sandy provided New Jersey coastal colleges with structural, technological and emotional challenges. However, accurate, informative and compassionate messages-in all stages of the storm-provided the community with a sense of stability in a tumultuous time. This session will provide clear and implementable recommendations for adapting and communicating key messages to the campus community.


Showing sessions 1 - 10 of (54) TOTAL sessions
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