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Event ID : IHS101
International Headache Society
14th International Headache Congress
Philadelphia, PA

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Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of this Congress, the attendee shall be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between the cerebral vasculature and the pathogenesis of migraine.
  • Describe the anatomic and pathophysiological advances in our understanding of primary headache disorders provided by functional neuroimaging.
  • Discuss the potential future insights into the pathogenesis of primary headache disorders which newer functional imaging modalities may provide.
  • Describe the modulatory effect of estrogen and other sex hormones on the excitability of the central nervous system and nociceptive networks.
  • Diagnose and develop a management plan for orthostatic headache, medication overuse headache, and thunderclap headache.
  • Discuss the important results from the American Migraine Prevalence and Prevention Study and describe their clinical implications.
  • Describe the controversial issues surrounding the entities of cervicogenic and post-traumatic headache, as well as the relationship between cortical spreading depression and cerebral blood flow.

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